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LKM injection mold steel

What is LKM Injection Mold Special Steel?


LKM Special Steel combines LKM existing strengths such as experience in global sourcing, quality control and financial strength into one of the most attractive tool steel ranges in the market.

LKM is one of biggest mold base and plastic mold steel factory in Guangdong province China, and is one of our( Flymould) major supplier for mold base and plastic mold steel.

Why LKM Injection Mold Special Steel?

  • Competitive pricing

  • Comprehensive range

  • Well stocked

  • Rigorous internal quality controls

  • International standard testing equipment

  • Able to benefit from LKM’s machining capabilities

What injection tool steels are available?

1)Plastic mould steel:
AISI P20 equivalent:LKM2311/LKM2312/LKM738/LKM738H
AISI P21 equivalent:LKM808E
AISI 420 equivalent:LKM420/LKM420H/LKM2083/LKM2083H/LKM2316/LKM2316H
2)Hot work steel
AISI H13 equivalent:LKMH13/LKM2344/ LKM2344 ESR/LKM2344 SUPER
AISI H11 equivalent:LKM2343/LKM2343 ESR
3)Cold work steel
AISI O1 equivalent:LKM2510
AISI D2 equivalent:LKM2379

More information for LKM, please kindly review http://www.lkm.com.cn

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