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Transparent plastic cover -Home appliances

Transparent plastic cover manufacturing

Transparent plastic cover manufacturing

FLYMOULD is professional China transparent plastic cover manufacturer located in Shenzhen Guangdong. We custom make various transparent plastic cover and transparent plastic parts for electronic, home appliance, industry and medical device etc.

We worked with various customer such as personal customers, distributor, factory and famous brand such as ETAS, BOSCH, FedEx and SteelCase etc for custom transparent plastic cover and the other various plastic parts manufacturing.

Transparent plastic cover design offer by China transparent plastic cover manufacturer FLYMOULD

No matter if you already have design or you need us to handle the design with your ideal are suitable for us. If you just have idea and draft, please kindly contact us, we will have professional sales co-worker and professional engineer to guide you to develop your own custom transparent plastic cover and custom plastic parts. 

If you also have the product design and would like to start the product or purchase your own mold, you can read our ” injection mould quotation” page to offer your professional inquiry. Also you can contact us directly, we also have professional sales to have good and easier guide to make your work easier on your custom transparent plastic cover manufacturing. Email for inquiry:


 Transparent plastic cover prototype making by China transparent plastic cover manufacturer FLYMOULD


Transparent plastic cover manufacturers

Transparent plastic cover prototype making process is the the process to make the samples to confirm the plastic cover design with very low cost. Sure we will offer the plastic cover prototype for your approval. FLYMOULD make plastic cover prototype with plastic casting, CNC machining and SLA etc. prototype making process.

Transparent plastic cover mold making by China transparent plastic cover manufacturer FLYMOULD

Transparent plastic cover mold making is to make the plastic tooling to have mass production for transparent plastic cover with lowest cost. FLYMOULD handle the order for transparent plastic cover mold making and transparent plastic cover molding. More information for mold making, please kindly review our ” injection mould making" page 

Email for inquiry:


What kind of steel we used for core and cavtiy for transparent cover: 420SS (ASSAB S136(H), LKM 2083(ESR/H), LKM 420, SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH’s 2083(ESR/H)/2316, Finkl 420 VAR,  etc.) We will choose the mold steel based on your specification, your situation and product demand etc. 

Transparent plastic cover molding production by China transparent plastic cover manufacturer FLYMOULD

What kind of resin can be used for transparent plastic cover molding normally?

PC, PMMA and Transparent ABS etc. Please kindly noted that the ABS transparent color is less transparent than PC and PMMA, not suitable for transparent plastic lens, but suitable for common transparent plastic cover. PC and PMMA are suitable for transparent plastic lens.


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